Monday, June 29, 2015

A Fairy Tale of Mine

I'm living near wishing well surrounded with plenty of amateur actors and actress as my neighbourhood. I always visit grandma willow to buy some baby's biscuit and diapers with my husband's money. I take an old fashioned stars walk across the Galaxy Mall. Dutch people named this city as a city of children's pray. I think i'm living on classic fairy tales's dream not mine. My daily life repeating as michael bubble song...i wanna go my heart belongs to....
The fact is I'm already have the most amazing grandma in the whole world whom still living in my heart thats reality not fantasy or labels...

Ke Mbali

Back to Bali

I always love Bali. Bali always be a secure place for many conflict in Indonesian history but Bali bombing. Since the history of Majapahit into indonesian political conflicts from ages to ages. People in my village call bali as Mbali thats why Bali is a second home for some people neither because of its popularity as heaven on earth nor its beautiful beaches. May be bali for me is happen on earth.

What happened in Bali?
I stayed at bali less than 1 year. I was happy as a traveler without licence. I met many people but only some of them i remember. Who they were? Who they are? I met someone in front of Ubud palace, i interpret him as co founder of facebook ha ha ha then i met a person whom called me lady. Lady can be nice sentence or something about whom. Then someone offered me a promised job without reality then repeat after over and over. My husband' ex boss that never look at me, I also met similar person that i have been met  in Ubud, willhelm was his name. As i said before nothing happened but many....

Monday, June 1, 2015

My 7 Months Old Baby

Nothing happened but drama!! A lot of family drama makes me lost in sidoarjo

Many junk mail from my sister or maybe someone who pretend to be my sister with lots of love..yeeks love? 

I hate drama so does my baby. His favourites activities are banging hands into furniture, anxiety toward stranger.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Most Precious

Jerks said, " Family contains of lie from its word" BUT there always be "honest" in my family

" anaknya sapa ini?" " anaknya mama yaa lucunya lucunya lucunya!"

Already ten almost teenager sparkling with good fortune

An infant on possession of good fortune that never hurt me

Many parents love their children but there always be the favourite ones, two of my angels are my favourites

Koko and dedek what i called the most important from the most precious that makes me savoring the joy of life. Two favourites people of life whom always bring my tears away

Monday, May 11, 2015

Do it yourself

I'm selling all these crafts and more of all these " do it by yourself" will be announced soon and properly! Waits more passion!!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2015


Kalo dihadapkan pada ingin punya anak berapa, aku pingin punya 2 anak laki- laki yang menyayangiku tapi kalo mau nambah lagi pun tergantung papanya aku mah kemana aja ngikut
Kalo disuruh memilih raja ampat atau singapura tanpa ragu aku memilih raja ampat
Kalo disuruh memilih jalan-jalan ke mall atau pantai aku memilih pantai
Kalo disuruh memilih main dirumah dengan anak atau datang ke kondangan aku memilih main dirumah dengan anak
Kalau disuruh memilih nonton tv apa tidur aku memilih tidur
Kalau disuruh memilih bertemu banyak orang tidak dikenal atau membaca buku aku memilih membaca  buku
Kalau disuruh memilih reuni bersama teman lama atau menanam banyak bunga aku memilih menanam banyak bunga
Kalo disuruh memilih hujan atau panas aku memilih berada di rumah saat hujan bukan badai makan pizza bersama kedua anakku 
Kalo disuruh memilih si koko atau si dedek aku memilih dua-duanya 
Kalo disuruh memilih dirumah dengan anak atau ketemu orang terkenal aku memilih dirumah dengan anak 
Kalo disuruh memilih hongkong apa maldives tanpa ragu aku memilih Maldives

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Half a Year

My Bundle of joy is growing fast. Now he is half a year!! It is been 6 months of joy since he came into my life. I love everything and every part of him as a miracle so does his brother. Since life is a journey these past few weeks has been moved very slow. It's seems like nothing happened but he is turning on 6 months old week 1 and already facing his hilarious milestone

He whined for special purposes last month but he is pretending to cry or whine with a tricky face for attention to take him up now.
Day by day i notice him with a melancholy character as he seems to be very serious in everything that he done but thats what a guess
He gets to be highly interest to camera and pulls it all over
Bringing its toes to mouth for everyday 

His favourite sentence to hear is " mau gendong/  do you want me to carry you up? "
We tried to give him various solid food such as honey, carrot, sweet potatoes, avocados, bananas but it always be a challenge and hard to work. Mama's milk always be his favourite to choose
Showing desires into something and some toys
Combining syllables 
He feels afraid of falling sometimes
Locates hidden toys accuracy. I took his trumpet into a big sack he just couldn't take his eyes of that sack
He uses to be very spoiled to me, stays calm with papa and becomes friendly to his koko
His new favourite sentence to hear is " you are very handsome! "
Loves to look up while nursing
Loves to stretch up both of his hand

Initially playing peek a boo alone with his own blanket 
Inspecting every part of his toys
Knowing how the toys work by trial and error like how to squeeze his toy, tries to blow the trumpet, slides the trumpet button to spin the wheel because its trumpet contains of rolling wheel that can spins with sliding its button
Loves bringing his fingers into my mouth and wanting me to open my mouth and looking inside my mouth and laughing
Loves bringing his finger into my nose
Loves to see dropping toys
Says he he he if laughing

Loves to imitate arrogance expression, he learned from me since he was born and now he is expert doing this

A Crib means a photograph setting not a place to sleep, but i will transform his baby crib into a bench next time

Enjoys his favourite songs with bouncing his legs
Sticking out tongue at conversation he also tries to imitate lips movements
Pats and bangs book's pictures 
Imitates hissing 


Attacks me with lots of kisses every time i kiss his cheek softly
He claps his hand into my hand and learns high five
Repeating after me to say mama inconstantly
He is not afraid of the rain when happily stays at home but he seems to be afraid to stuck out in heavy rain despite of we were under umbrella protection. He did not scream but i could see from his expression, how he held my hand tightly and cried softly for a moment
Discovering cause and effect by pushing, banging and sweeping buttons of his musical light walker
Tearing paper and turning the book's page immaturely when sitting on my lap
Highly interest to fully pictures book
Laughing when hearing new awkward words or sounds like kepiting, jeng jeng jeng
Says, " ma!"  with spoiled intonation as he whines
Jack in the box was not surprise and awe him
Prefers book with pictures than without
Finally ate with more cooperative 
Cracking biscuit
The mark that left by the mythical white stork which is back on his neck totally dissappears.  A good fortune has been delivered by a mythical stork next into a doorstep of a good big brother and me as a happy mom


Not an falling angel but already an angel that what my sons are. I always said to both of them that they are "the thousandth man" for me. 

The youngest ones in my family is turning on third week of his six months old now. What's he doing just dropping here and below...

He won't open his little mouth up for letting the spoon in as Its happens on every meals but he would like to land the spoon into his mouth all by him self despite of its causes all the messiness. I think whats the messy here and then are whats my baby should doing just for he is a baby until he is toddler and around his childhood but an adult. Babies are babies and its ok if they are making many mess not when they are growing up older as a man. I usually use my or his finger when he won't eat. No table manner rules yet just discovering how fun eating can be.

I already read an article about babies who won't eat using spoon but want to bring its spoon all by himself is an independent ones...

Babbling before asleep. He says more like nanatamamapa aaaaaaaaa with more high pitching aaaah aaaaak
Begins pointing at some moment not always
Loves to see his shadow. We play shadow's show in the wall like counting with fingers he just amazingly loves
Rolling over and over and over then bringing his toes and mouthing almost everything still be his favourites until now so does pulling and banging but being carried up is his number one choice

He got his pride as i'm very proud of him. 

I just feel that he says mama consiously as he always spoiled to say ma or mama if he wants me to do something to him. I don't know i wish i could ask him all the matter and he will answer!
His whole world is about playing playing and playing and he needs to live in a loving family for his social emotional developmental not a tricky family
Knows about button concepts he can turn on rudolph the red nosed reindeer song to play on ipad with pressing its circle button because this jukebox app looks alike his musical toy button
He gets his brother's face when his brother was a baby as what i look alike when i was a baby sometimes he looks alike his papa but mostly not just its hair and eyebrows no more no less
Showing interest to plastics and its sound
Using his hand to reach out some toys that he wants at bookstore 
Amazingly loves to see his shadow, car's shadow, people's shadow
Eats biscuit's chunks 
Drinks mineral water from a cup and a bottle that i hold
Sometimes he imitates to say ngga if i said, "enggak"

Monday, April 20, 2015

My 5 Months Old Baby Week 5

These week of five is just 3 days to run but he has been achieving what i called more awesome for each days. Here are some of his achievements such....

Banging the xylophone for the first time as i did before
He smiles and touches his mirror's reflection. Drags that little mirror toward himself and turns back that mirror to see the back side of the mirror which is not a mirror side.
Takes toys out of the box
Shaking rattle in a same way as i did before
Wears some of 2 and 3 years old toddler's clothes that was his brother's clothes for several years ago
He Explored my box's bag which is contains of cable, baby lotion, toys, cottons bud, mirror, baby oil etc. I guess he found what he wants
Imitates banging his hand to mouth softly for making " awawawawawawawa" sound
Imitates banging his hand to surface
Watching sesame street for 5 to 10 minutes
Brings his toes to mouth for a moment

Interests with colourful objects which are not toys
Loves to pull my shirt
Spoiled, thats what a baby does
Repeating after me to say a 

Monday, April 13, 2015

My 5 Months Old Baby Week 4

Wants to stand up with support over and over

Spitting foods:(
His sleep needs have to be a priority for his happiness and wellbeing. I avoid to travel hours and hours because he seems to be very tired after more than an hour on a driving car

Be a cranky little one
Bangs my leg
Throws and drops his toys

Holds my shoulder when i carry him up
Holds onto his tub when he takes a bath in a sitting position 
Loves to see his own pictures
BANGING almost everything that he holds
Reaching upward 

It is been a very fussy week
He wants to be held and picked up all the time
Most of his life activities still lays down but he wants to achieve higher, he loves to be carried up and uper and loves to stand in a higher position for a higher view
Pushing a musical toy's button to turn the music flows
Interests with toys only, he discriminates which are toys which are not
He also uses his soft book to cover his face and play peek a boo beside banging, shaking, mouthing and paying attention on this
Turns his soft book's pages
I read the same serial book, turn off the light and nurse him, my baby recognises these as a bedtime routine then he falls asleep every time i do these routines. If i read the same book during the day he will feed and take a nap as soon as i finished
Swipes and pinches an iPad's screen unconsiously 
Papa called him using skype's video call since i got a very bad signal due my internet connection was low, he could hear his papa's voice with a black blank screen, then i said to him, " itu siapa tuh, papa, mana papa? / here is papa, where is he? " then he turned his head, looked at the door and gwaked at surrounding to find papa. After he could see the video of his papa talking he was amaze
He also thinks that hearing someone talks to him by phone is amazing
Sitting for longer periods than before before and before still supported by his own hand

I think he has a very serious personality 

Monday, April 6, 2015

My 5 Months Old Baby-Week 3

From sweet dreams to sweet dreams, he smiles and laughs while asleeps for the last 3 days until now
Neither loves nor hates inside papa's car but he usually whines as a protest to show that he doesn't want to go anywhere if he feels sleepy or tired
Avocado for everyday 
I gave him a spoon of avocado, he tried to eat with a spoon by himself. I repeated to give him a spoon of avocado over and over and he really loved to eat by himself. All Done by his own free will

Loves to touch, pull and drag everything that i hold
Drags almost everything near toward himself 
Reaches toy with whole hands
Daily massages
Crawling is just one step ahead, he is starting his pre crawling movement

Prefers bed than bouncer
Loves his blanket
Army moves on bed for fun
Stares at bank officer and imitates her lips movement
Classifying someone are nice or not to get his hilarious smile
Prefers to play with rattle than teether 
Hates to hear, " sebentar ya! / wait a minute!" And, " good bye!"
Hot weather is not fine! Ac is good, fan is may be
Rudolph the red nosed reindeer is magically magic as his mood booster until now
Bangs his soft book
SITTING unassisted, supported by his own hand for longer periods than before

Every joke has an expired date for him, some jokes were funny for the last two weeks but the same jokes are not funny for nowadays
Laughs to some awkward sounds like kikikirikik, kitikitik without tickling 
Eats sweet potato
Takes a nap 2 or 3 times a day for less than 30 minutes 
First bookstores visit