Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My 5 Months Old Baby- Week 1

Expertly Discovering its toes for everyday
Turns his head for a new sound
Strings vowel together, says " ah ah eh eh oh oh"
Uses sounds in purposes more than crying

Pulls out 3 d poster with raking motion
Squels toward calender sheets blown by the fan
Vocalizes to Greet/ call me, papa, koko ( every time he meets me, papa or koko he uses to vocalizes as a greeting )
Vocalizes to pick him up
Vocalizes when boring / frustrates
Stops momentary when i said, " enggak! " NO
From nightmares to nightmares. 
First solid food "avocado" failed
Banana failed
Master of pivoting in prone
Reaches and tears poster when i carry him up
Begins to understand goodbye. When i wave my hand and say goodbye he cries or whines sometimes

More whines less cries
Whines to protest especially if he doesn't want to eat on feeding time
Shows direction he wants to go when i carry him with bounces, whines, and says uh uh uh
Biting while breastfeeding
Looks at pictures on tony wolf's book and agen polisi 212 and touches pictures while stories time
Ate 4 baby's spoon of avocado
Sits momentary unassisted, supported by his own hand
Transfers rattle hand to hand

Loves to play gestures like counting 1-10 with finger, clapping hand, he tries to imitate and won't stop

Friday, March 20, 2015

Bukan Cerita Mistik

Aku pernah mau mengganti judul blog ini menjadi  "not a fairytale"  bukan karena aku membutuhkan happy ending..ooooh hell no! Happy ending itu kata yang sebenarnya menyeramkan menurutku. Aku cuma suka happynya, kalo kata ending, berakhir bahagia iiiih serem. Pikir sendiri!

Dalam konteks bukan cerita mistik maksudnya...

Pertanyaan pertama WHY ? Karena aku pernah menonton acara national geographic tentang korelasi antara tingkat kecerdasan seseorang terhadap kepercayaannya terhadap hal mistik. Semakin cerdas seseorang dia akan semakin logis dan tidak berpikir gaib sedangkan orang dengan tingkat pendidikan rendah akan cenderung percaya hantu- hantu, mistis dan magis. Pendapatku tentang hasil survey national geographic tersebut adalah " Tidak penting pintar yang penting bejo"
Tapi semua orang didunia ini pasti percaya dengan adanya keberuntungan kan meskipun bahasanya berbeda mulai dari blessing, rahmat, anugrah, gift apapun itu bukannya metafisik juga..
Entahlah...tidak penting juga.....

Semoga anak- anakku menjadi manusia yang selalu beruntung tanpa harus licik. The end.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Saturday, March 14, 2015

My 4 Months Old Baby- Week 4

Begins to recognize his name
Stops and looks when hear his own name
Stops his activity and looks to what camera doing when photographed
Loves friendly talking and hates angry talking
Distinguishing between friendly and angry talking
Focus on 6 meters lizard insight
Looks at me while I was in the next room
Easy boring
Goes from intense happiness to sadness/ frustations quickly

Mimics my expression
Shows many expression

No more rooting reflex
No more fencing reflex
Begins to sleep when we turns off the light
Expert blowing raspberry
Locates source sounds accuracy
Changes crying sound to babbling sound as soon as i pick him up
Surprised but Not afraid of blender anymore
Surprised but Not afraid of mom's sneezing anymore
Stops feeding and turns its head looking for sound when hears papa's talk
No more moro reflex
Surprised but Not afraid of thunder anymore
Shaking rattle
Listens and responds when spoken to
Shows interest looking at food
Localizes sound 1 meter up and below ear level

Saturday, March 7, 2015

My 4 Months Old Baby- Week 3

Enjoys various sounds
Loves surprisingly pleasant sounds, things and faces
Still Loves to be whispered
Still loves soothing noises
Hates surprisingly unpleasant/ scary sounds
Still hates thunder
Orients to bell
Scratches bed
Scratches almost every texture
Begins to razz
Touches its leg and toes

Scared of blender
Turns his head looking toward sounds maker
Follows moving objects all direction- vertical- horizontal-series from far to close

Monday, March 2, 2015

My 4 Months Old Baby- Week 2


Crying is still the strongest form of his communication but he laughs at pleasant surprises and starts to develop his sense of humor
Loves to play a lot
His left hand tries to reach and touch the dirty diaper at diaper-changing time. 
Bears weight on leg and bounces

Loves black and white colours
Loves and pays attention to stripes pattern and piano tuts
Inspects mama's fingers
Pays attention to calendar's sheets blown by 
Loves to see everything from all position
Loves to be carry 
Says aaaaaaaaaak to get attention

Whines before falling asleep
Being the center of the universe, needs fully attention
No more cries when poops
No more spitting up
No more colic
No more explosive bowel movements
Starts to love yellow color
Starts to imitate lips movement- when his brother eats, he imitates making chewing motions- imitates making mouth open when i said O
Makes simple sounds " gaaaa"
Moving its head from side to side while sleeping
Snuffles-blocked nose while sleeping
Stops crying by soothing voice
Stops crying by my appearance
In spite of he has the most georgeous baby crib in the whole world he doesn't interest with and chooses to sleep with me.
Prefers mama, papa and koko than things
Not influenced by materialistic gene in these material world


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My 4 Months Old Baby-Week1

On the last day of his three months

Loves everything about cars and vehicles from pictures to reals
Watches faces of people in the lift especially people with red dressed
Looks everything around the mall
Smiles spontaneously to his brother
Takes a nap for two hours
Sucks his finger
Laughs when sleeps sometimes

Week 1

Rolls over and over and over from lay to tummy easily but uneasy to roll from tummy to lay

Grasps teether to mouth
Reaches teether while lays on his tummy
Eats teether

Plays alone 30 minutes with single toy
Keep saying "ah goo" since he was 2 month old until now 
Squeezes my finger
Brings rattle from hand to mouth
Holds rattle with two hands

Shows curiosity of things out of reach and begins to reach
Smiles and vocalises to mirror 
Uses voices to indicates happy or unhappy
Stories time for everyday
Expresses anger
Smiles to affections
Orients to wind chimes
Tries to reach wind chimes
Touches edges, patterns, bright colours
Starts making chewing motion
Showed a sign of fear when i covered his eyes with my hand for the first time but excited for the next day

Loves to play with mama and papa a lot
Laughs and plays peek a boo
Looks where i point
Splashes water with his feet 
Stresses when i leave him
Can control his head and keep it upright and steady
Touches his reflection
Grabs everything near
Had a nightmare

Hand grasps- cube
Has an allergic reactions- cries a lot :( 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Kiong hee


Once upon a time my youngest boy was born. He had lay down on his tummy to breastfeed for the first time a while after i gived birth.
He tried to lift his head, looked for nipples then soothed his hand on delivery room.

" Congrats for having a clever baby!" Said the paediatric to papa

My 2 weeks old baby slept on his side and lifted his head for 45 degree
He rolled over from front to back by Two months
Then he rolls over and over by Three months

I begin to change my interest and being a proud mom whom proudly presents my BABY

Karena kehadiranmu ketertarikanku berubah deh...
Dimulai dari si dedek keluar dari perut terus inisiasi menyusui dini, begitu ditengkurepin diperutku kepalanya udah berusaha mau ngangkat terus nguyel-nguyel cari susu, sedikit frustasi dedek milih ngemut tangannya..dokter anaknya langsung kasih selamat ke papa, " Selamat ya pak, anaknya pintar!"
Umur satu minggu si dedek udah bobok miring, umur 2 minggu udah mulai ngangkat kepala dan umur tiga minggu udah ngangkat kepala sewaktu ditengkurepin. Umur 2 bulan udah balik sendiri ke posisi telentang tiap ditengkurepin dan umur 3 bulan udah tengkurep sendiri..

Bukan bangga namanya kalo tidak pamer..

On the Life of a Mom

Happiness comes on and goes beyond
As a choice NOT an option.
My sons 
My happiness
Warms my heart and soul
Glowing my days
As time can flies
But each time with you, i wish without end
For being your mom
I forget what i was

Sunday, February 8, 2015

My 3 Months Old Baby

Doing What?
Takes a walk with his carrier sometimes

Loves bath 

Rolls over both direction independently

Holds head up when lifted
Has landau reflex
Coos when talks to
Answers my voice with gleeful sounds of his own
Babbles to his toys
Smiles when smiles at
Gives me flashing smiles for everyday
Laughs sometimes

Scratch his irritation skin on neck, ear and his hair
Sucks his hand

Everything to his mouth
Grabbed my hair to his mouth
Plays with his own hand and knee
Discovers his own knee

Cries when alone and discomfort
Loves to be touched and kissed
Looks uneasy when i leave him alone
Snuggles before sleeps
Loves to stand
Serious as always

Imitates my facial gesture..becomes frown, smiles, sticking out tongue

Blows bubble with his own saliva
Cries out loud to thunder and loud voices
Fears of thunder and unexpected noises
Sleeps through the night
Breastfeeds...recognises my breast as a milk supply
Tummy time for everyday
Hates his baby crib, prefers to sleep together with us

Loves rudolph the red nosed reindeer, red colour, contrast and brights object
Enjoys listening row row your boat, rudolph, itsy bitsy song
Still colic and gassy :(
Loves his big brother 
Loves papa but I'm still his favourite
Makes a silly face

A fairy long period eye contact
Seriously smiles at his mirror reflection
Interest to selective song and music
Cries in different ways 
Follows moving object
Follows me moving the room with his eyes
Loves to play with me and cries when stop
Excited entering inside his blanket
Bats my face and hair 
Bats his rattle

Still having moro reflex
Was surprise and look for disappeared lizard from his sight
Kicks his blanket
Enthusiasly looks at pattern
Enthusiasly looks at picture on his softbook and bedding
Watches my face when i'm talking with
Happy to see me, his brother, papa and his milk 
Turns his head to sounds
Removes blanket on face with his hand
Awares to strange situation
Holds hand together 
Inspects his hand
Learns to sit

Love, Sex and Marriage

1+1= 4

Yes, I'm multiply....When Marriage is not only about two becomes ones but two becomes three, four to unlimited problem
Yes, i welcome my little sun from above, such a very adorable and inocent baby that loves everyone and anyone...

Friday, March 7, 2014


A trip to the Besakih temple turns out to be quite difficult due the location is in the highest of Bali Island. The road to the temple is likely to climb. The Besakih temple is located in the village of Besakih in Karangasem area in the region of Mount Agung, the highest volcano which is still active in Bali. Located on the highest plateau in Bali makes a blazing sun is rare, the weather tends to be dark, cold, foggy and often rainy.

Far from everywhere ... That's the mother temple of Besakih. Up and down the winding streets, houses are rare one with the other, the left-right gap, as well as the weather that always cloudy and humid shattered our intention not to visit Besakih Temple. The tops of the Palm trees under our foot, the green of the rice fields of Bali as well as the warm silence brings us to Besakih Temple which is the mother of all Balinese temples. Besakih Temple is the oldest, largest and the forerunner of the Temple in Bali, these temple is older than the Tanah Lot Temple and Gunung Kawi Temple. The shape of the temple stairs has similarities to rung Aztecs in Maya. Old, beautiful and mysteriously standing from the time before the Majapahit Kingdom makes Besakih considered to be the mother of all Hindus Temples in Indonesia.

Sacred, everyone are not welcome to climb upstairs the Besakih, those who do not worship but climbs up to photograph by their self, merely a person who does not respect to the culture of others. There are limits which should not be violated sacred, unless we want to worship. Visitors can only round of Besakih and purchase a variety of souvenirs that are provided.

Hotels and Inns around the temple is very rare even though the air is cool and the atmosphere is very calm to stay as serene as the night. Various stories about the Leak and the wizards are felt real for the citizens of the temple. Along the dark of the night, houses which are rather far apart and the Misty Mountains as well as a number of big trees around Mount Agung and Dim lamp of the residents makes the night in a deserted Besakih Temple might be fun..

Perjalanan ke Besakih ternyata cukup sulit, berada di daerah tertinggi di Pulau Bali, jalan menuju Besakih cenderung menanjak. Besakih terletak di desa Besakih di daerah Karangasem di wilayah gunung Agung, gunung berapi tertinggi yang masih aktif di Bali. Berada di dataran tinggi tertinggi di Bali membuat terik matahari adalah hal yang langka, cuacanya cenderung berkabut, dingin, gelap dan sering hujan.

Jauh dari mana- mana...itulah Pura Besakih. Jalanan yang berkelok-kelok naik turun, rumah penduduk yang jarang satu dengan yang lain, kanan kiri jurang, serta cuaca yang selalu mendung dan lembab tentu tidak menyurutkan niat mengunjungi Pura Besakih. Bisa melihat pucuk pohon kelapa dibawah kaki, hijaunya sawah Bali serta kesunyian yang hangat membawa kita ke Pura Besakih yang merupakan Ibu dari semua pura di Bali. Pura Besakih adalah Pura tertua, terbesar yang merupakan cikal bakal pura di Bali, bahkan ternyata Pura Besakih ini berumur lebih tua dari pura Tanah Lot dan Pura Gunung Kawi. Bentuk anak tangga Besakih bahkan memiliki kemiripan dengan anak tangga suku Aztec di Maya. Tua, cantik secara misterius dan masih kokoh berdiri sejak masa sebelum kerajaan Majapahit belum berdiri hingga sekarang membuat Pura ini dianggap sebagai Ibu dari semua Pura di Indonesia.

Sakral, tidak sembarang orang bisa menaiki anak tangga Besakih, jika ada orang yang tidak beribadah tapi naik untuk berfoto-foto, orang tersebut hanyalah orang yang tidak menghargai budaya orang lain. Ada batas suci yang tidak boleh dilanggar, kecuali kita mau beribadah. Pengunjung hanya bisa mengitari pelataran Besakih dan membeli berbagai souvenir yang disediakan.

Hotel dan penginapan di sekitar Besakih sangat jarang meskipun udaranya sangat sejuk dan suasananya tenang setenang malam. Berbagai cerita tentang Leak dan santet terasa nyata bagi warga Besakih, seiring dengan gelapnya malam, rumah penduduk yang agak berjauhan dan suasana pegunungan yang berkabut serta banyaknya pohon besar di sekitar gunung Agung. Lampu penduduk pun cenderung remang-remang sekitar Besakih ini. Bermalam di Besakih yang sunyi tentu menyenangkan.....